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You too can adopt a Mobo and participate in the eco-friendly collection of used mobiles


an initiative for eco-citizens - innovative and fun

Mobo collects used mobile phones to help the environment and society. The mobile phones are collected, sorted, checked and refurbished by the Ateliers du Bocage (AdB), an Emmaüs-member company specializing in professional and social re-insertion.

All revenues from the collection of mobile phones finance AdB’s operations in France and the development of recycling networks in Africa. Every collection box installed and every mobile phone donated contributes to jobs creation and the preservation of rare resources.

why get involved?

Promoting Mobo means participating in a fun and innovative project with a commitment to sustainable development. It's also choosing a differentiating eco-friendly approach, both through the functions offered (such as tracking the donation) and the marketing and communications potential.

adopting mobo

Available in your brand colours, this “smart” collection box reacts when a user places a mobile phone in it for recycling. Equipped with sensors and connected to the Internet, it continuously transmits its position and indicates how full it is to the collecting team at the Ateliers du Bocage. We maintain and operate all the interactive Mobo without further involvement from you.

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The Mobo team

it’s easy to give a new lease on life to your mobile phone

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Good to know

  • Mobo accepts all mobile phone types, from any operator
  • Mobo also accepts accessories: chargers, batteries, earpieces, and cables.


Remember to save your personal data and recover your SIM card before placing your mobile phone in Mobo.

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What's the IMEI number?

The IMEI number (or International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit number is something like your mobile's identification card.

Where to find it:

If your old mobile is still working, press *#06# on the keypad: the IMEI will be displayed on the screen.

You can also find your IMEI number:
- on the original packaging, generally close to the barcode
- in the battery compartment.

your mobile phone has been registered.
soon, you will know what has become of it

Just leave it in a Mobo.
To do this, go to the Mobo map. the map of Mobo

Thank you for your support :)